Feature of the Week! – Atiptoe


Feature of the Week will be posted every Monday where a band or artist chosen by myself or someone interviewed will be highlighted to you with a short description and a song of theirs will be added to my Spotify Playlist.

This week’s feature is Atiptoe – who explain themselves as ‘An indie/alternative rock band from SE England with ridiculous song names’ and ‘kinda like math rock but also kinda not’. Which is actually very accurate if a little confusing!

Atiptoe are an active 4-piece band under the record label Failure By DesignThey recently released ‘+venture’ and the launch gig for that was one of the best overall gigs I’ve been to in a while. I’ve followed them for about a year now and have loved how much fun their music is and the positive energy they give off when they play.

I’ll be going to their gig at Tooting Tram & Social on November 30th, so join me there!

Check out their Website for links to their social media pages and to buy their merch.

EDIT: It was Failure By Design’s 3rd Birthday recently and to celebrate they uploaded some of their releases on YouTube including the full +Venture album! CLICK HERE to view in YouTube or scroll down to listen!


Album Artwork for Atiptoe’s latest album ‘+venture’


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