Feature of the Week – Exploder Than You


Feature of the Week will be posted every Monday where a band or artist chosen by myself or someone interviewed will be highlighted to you with a short description and a song of theirs will be added to my Spotify Playlist.

This week’s feature is Exploder Than You, described by themselves as ‘a Brighton-based scrappy math-rock trio made with real fruit juice and a sprinkle of sadness’ and with ‘Fruity riffs and angsty yelps to make you happy but also a bit sad?’

Exploder Than You are under the record label Rabbit Ear Records which is run by Christie, who chose them to be the Feature this week – my interview with her will be up on Thursday!

Bands like Exploder Than You are always so much fun live because of the raw energy they give off with their angsty shouting, stunning harmonies and complicated rhythms you can’t help but jump around to. They also have some brilliant names like a lot of math-rock genre bands do – my favourite of theirs being Danny DeVito’s Defeato Burrito.

E > U are going on tour from 25th-17th of this month, (poster below), with Ko_Plune and Bearded Youth Quest so please do check that out if you live in the South of England area! Check out their Facebook for more information and to look them up! Their video for Castle House is down below



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