Interview – Rabbit Ear Records (Christie)

Last week I interviewed Christie who fairly recently launched her record label Rabbit Ear Records. I was lucky enough to be there for the launch gig, which she had made a wonderful, hand-made mix-CD for every person there! (photo below). I feel like that’s what sums up Christie’s approach best – it’s homemade but wholly professional. She makes sure everyone is catered to and likes to put her little touch on everything she does, and puts her whole heart in it.


We had a lovely interview in a café and this was what came out of it!  –

Tell me a little about yourself outside of the business:

Well… I’m Christie. I’m currently studying for an MA in Music and The Creative Economy… that sounds really square [haha]! But I guess it captures my interests in a few words: Music and Business

What inspired you to set up a label?

Aahh.. so many things. I guess the main thing is that I know so many talented musicians, who put out some really great stuff, and I want to be able to get as many people as possible to hear it as possible. So many great bands are left under the radar and everyone misses out because of it. I want to change that.

So what’s involved in running a record label then?
When I’m working with a band, my job is to take care of all the business and organisation side of things. Each band has different needs so what that entrails is different, depending on the agreement we work out at the start. I like to add more of a management element to it, as opposed to sticking with distribution/marketing/promotion, and want to make sure the bands get as many opportunities as possible. It goes further than just printing physical copies, ordering merch and digital distribution, it’s about doing absolutely anything possible to benefit the band.

Who is currently signed to RER?

At the moment, only one band is officially ‘signed’ to the label, but there are a couple of others in the process. Exploder Than You, a math-rock 3-piece from Brighton are my first born (as I like to call them). They work so hard and have such a unique energy, I was really keen to work with them.

What’s next for RER?

I’m kind of taking it as it comes. In the short term, I’ll be trying to open as many doors as I can for Exploder, as well as getting a few more bands on board. As with everything in the independent music industry, funding is the part that dictates. So, I’ll be making as many things happen as and when they can happen. I definitely think there’s always a way, so I’m excited about things to come.
And what’s the long term for RER?

The long-term goal at the moment – I wouldn’t say ‘ultimate’ because that sounds like you’ll stop when you get there – is to move into Synchronisation Publishing. I’m really tied of fantastic musicians not being able to focus soley on their craft – having to work other jobs just to be able to earn enough to live – and want to be able to get them to generate enough income through doing what they do best. So in my mind, synchronisation publishing – getting their music into film and television etc. is the best way to do that. It also satisfies my interest in music and the moving image, so that’s great too!
I loved talking to Christie about her indie record label and I’m super excited to see things to come for her and her signed bands!

Check out her Website for upcoming shows!


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