Review – Into It. Over It.

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of seeing Chicago band ‘Into It. Over It.’ at The Lexington in London. Into It. Over It. (IIOI) are an Indie / Emo band whose music combines sad undertones and lyrics with energetic instrumentation. I’d not listened to or even heard of them before going to the gig on Wednesday so I didn’t know what to expect, but it ended up being one of my favourite gigs of 2016.

The Lexington is a great venue. I was there once before this year to see Enemies, and I also hugely enjoyed that gig. The venue is split into 2 floors – downstairs serving an array of drinks and some delicious food, and upstairs being the gig area. It’s a surprisingly big space considering it’s upstairs, and the room even has another ‘downstairs’ area again where the stage is (down a few steps) which is great because the top level when you first walk in provides a great viewing platform if you don’t want to be near the front, but that doesn’t compromise your vision of the performing band. Both times I’ve been there the sound quality has been excellent as well.

I hadn’t actually looked at who the support act was before the gig but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Jess perform. Her solo act is called ‘Tancred’ and on Wednesday she had the drummer and frontman of IIOI performing with her. Jess’ music combines elements of grunge with indie rock (have a listen to Pens for a more grunge sounding song and Bed Case for more indie rock) and it made me feel strangely empowered seeing her play. You don’t see many acts like Jess about and she was so fantastic to see I wish I’d had the time to speak with her after the gig. She also had excellent stage presence and her cheeky attitude shone through with what she was saying in-between songs. She dedicated her song Hang Me to Donald Trump, which of course the crowd loved. She’s a talented singer and guitar player and she was completely solid in her performance. I can’t recommend listening to Tancred and her band ‘Now, Now’ enough.

I’ve been to at least 3 gigs where the band performs an album play through, but Into It. Over It. 1-upped that by performing 2 of their albums back to back and from start to finish for us. They were a lovely group of guys too – the frontman told lots of little stories in-between songs and engaged in conversation with the audience, they also hung around at the merch stand after the gig to have a chat even though they’d just played for 2 hours non-stop! I thoroughly enjoyed IIOI and have subsequently bought their album Standards which I’ve been listening to on repeat. Have a listen and a watch to No EQ from their album Standards – the music video is really quirky. They are a melancholy band but their music is fun and energetic, which speaks to a lot of youths so I highly recommend looking them up.

I’m so glad I got to see both Tancred and Into It. Over It. and it’ll certainly be in my Favourite Gigs of 2016 blog that I’ll write towards the end of December!

A song by Jess and an IIOI song have been added to my Spotify playlist.

Check out Tancred ‘s website!

Check out Into It. Over It. ‘s website and try and get along to their few remaining shows in England!



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