Feature of the Week – The Yacht Club


Feature of the Week will be posted every Monday where a band or artist chosen by myself or someone interviewed will be highlighted to you with a short description and a song of theirs will be added to my Spotify Playlist.

This week’s feature is The Yacht Club – a 5-piece math-rock / indie band from London. The Yacht Club are releasing third EP “Fall” this Friday, 25th November and my interview with TYC’s ‘mother’ (singer and guitarist Marcus Gooda) will be up this Thursday so keep an eye out for that to get a little glimpse of the behind the scenes of TYC and their new release!

Fall has encompassed a more emo style than their self titled release and Marcus has taken a beautifully melancholy approach towards writing for this EP – it’s music that feels familiar when you’re feeling lost and a lot of people I know will be able to identify with the feelings portrayed. I also love how much Marcus’ voice has matured over only a few short years – this album expresses so much feeling so I think it’s a perfect ‘break’ from what their fans are used to. Their ‘usual style’ will return after this release, but to truly understand Marcus  I believe you have to listen to Fall and forget that it’s so different from their last EP.

I’m super excited for the release and for those who can’t wait, Mouth of the Beast is already up on YouTube complete with video! (Scroll down to view)

Check out their Facebook for more info about their release and to discover more about TYC.

Credit to the image below goes to Catherine Bridgman of TYC looking super mysterious.



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