Top 50 Albums…

A few weeks ago Marcus (from The Yacht Club) introduced me to this website – a visual list of ‘my top 50 albums’. He got loads of us involved in racking our brains trying to pick what albums we love most in an actual order, and why.


It’s far harder than I thought it would be, especially picking my top 4 albums OF ALL TIME (I am only 20 – I would love to remember about this website when I’m 70 and pick a pretty accurate list of my all time favourite albums.


Above is what I came up with recently – the rules I made for myself were:

  1. Only 1 album per artist / band
  2. Only albums you can listen the whole way through without skipping any songs
  3. Only 1 soundtrack

I really enjoyed my afternoon putting this together. It’s interesting thinking about what albums have actually changed your life, and I think I have a memory for every single one of them there… except Doggystyle which is just a flawless hip-hop album, and Justified which doesn’t need an explanation – it’s Justin Timberlake.

Funnily enough I don’t think any of these albums are in the highest selling of all time lists (except Adele’s 19). What I loved about discussing the process with other friends who did it too was that no one judged another person’s decisions – there were only positive comments like “ah I should have put that” or “that’s a brilliant choice” and that’s the point of this – it’s your top 50 albums.

Comedian Dara Ó Briain has done a brilliant stand-up routine about not judging one another’s music taste:

“Music snobbery is the worst kind of snobbery. ‘Oh, you like those noises?… They’re the wrong sounds. You should like these sounds'” – Dara Ó Briain

I’d like to know your top 50 albums – so complete yours, tweet it to me and I’ll share it!


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