Interview – RYSE

A couple of weeks ago I met up with RYSE and I had a great chat with them all about their music, the band, and life in general.


We had a general discussion about who they are and what they want to achieve and here’s how it turned out! 

Meet the band…

Chris (bassist) is currently at university, and Ricky and Jake are both graduates from their respective fields. I asked how they ended up together since they all studied different things, Ricky said “Jake and I met at ACM through a mutual friend. We put up an ad for a bassist and Chris suited the band’s vibe” and Ricky added “he had the right attitude too”.

Why did you want to start up the band?

 Ricky talked about how he had a particular ‘sound’ in his head, of how he liked to play and what he’d like to play in a band. When he played with Jake and their mutual friend, instantly he realised that what he envisioned worked in this trio. Even the cover songs they played seemed to have that specific sound that encompassed all their influences together, so that’s what they were looking for when they found Chris to join them.

Because of this I asked them who their influences are. This question seemed almost the hardest for them to answer because their music is drawn from many, many bands it’s hard to pinpoint exactly. They ended up settling on the fact that their vocal melody inspiration comes from Radiohead, the instrumentation from Rage Against the Machine, and that a few people have said they are similar overall to Queens of the Stone Age. After listening through their EP, I feel as though Radiohead and Muse best describe their ‘sound’, so if you’re a fan of any of these bands, keep an eye out for what’s to come from RYSE!

What has been your favourite gig so far?

I loved the response from this question. All 3 agreed on one particular trip to Leeds where they were playing at the Bierkeeller, but they started the story by saying that they drove up in a little Ford KA with broken heating… and that the sound at the gig wasn’t the best… and that they didn’t play the best they’ve ever played. Which doesn’t sound like the start of a happy story. However they said there was a surprisingly large crowd that were loving RYSE’s music. It was an unexpected gig for them – you probably wouldn’t expect a German beer bar to have such a vibrant crowd for a small underground alternative band from Guildford.

I then adjusted the question to what was the best gig you’ve played as a band? And to this their reply was their most recent gig on 12th November at the Gunners pub in London – this was because they received many compliments from the audience and in fact announced on Facebook a couple of days ago that due to that gig they got signed by a PR/Publishing/Distribution Company called Planet Zykotika  !

What’s next?

RYSE have got the material for their next album but are waiting to be signed by a label before they record it all so that’s the next step for them They want to have that backing to be able to push the album as far as possible. Ricky described it as that they want it to be that album their fans always remember and look back on.

I asked for their long term goal to which they all agreed was to be self sufficient as musicians and preferably as a band, which is the dream for many and links back to 2 weeks ago when Christie talked about funding dictating what she can do with her record label. I also asked them what’s your ‘silly’ goal? A silly goal being something they almost can’t see themselves doing but it would be a dream come true;

Chris instantly said playing on Graham Norton, and Ricky agreed being on Graham Norton or Jools Holland would be amazing shows to perform on. They all agreed playing Wembley or headlining Reading Festival would be ultimate venues to play at.

Some things to keep an eye out for from RYSE:

  • Possible tour next year
  • Christmas Day – a B-side release that’s going to be a little different and super fun!
  • Another single will be released in June next year

Huge thanks to RYSE for chatting with me, go check out their Facebook for more info!

They have such raw potential and I look forward to when they are signed and release their first album.



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