WMW – Tuesday Tune



This week for WMW (Women in Music Week) I have 2 Tuesday Tunes for you to have a listen to!

Today’s Tuesday Tunes are by Hyla and Now, Now…

Firstly, Why Blame Me by Hyla 

This music is a little different to yesterday’s suggestions, but that’s why I loved Hyla when I came across them. You don’t see a lot of heavier female fronted bands, let alone a female drummer too. I love the vocals of Hyla and the raw instrumentation makes for totally gnarly music you have to give a listen to!

CLICK HERE to look through their website!

Secondly, Dead Oaks by Now, Now

I came across Now, Now when I saw Jess Abbott perform her solo project while supporting Into It. Over It. at the Lexington recently, and found out Jess was part of this band. Jess’ solo stuff is a lot heavier than Now, Now and I’ve really enjoyed listening through their stuff lately. It’s really calming and beautiful.

CLICK HERE for Now, Now ‘s Facebook!



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