WMW – An interview with Bossy

Today I have 2 interviews for you – both about brilliant platforms for women in the arts run by some wonderful and passionate ladies!


Jonna and Laura run a fantastic group providing a platform for women in the arts – Bossy provides a place for women to share projects they’re working on or are involved in, and that would like help or are offering help to other women!

“when women work together anything is possible”

Introduce yourself to everyone… When did you start being involved in the arts?
I’m Jonna and I’m Laura and we are both actresses and writers. We are also the co-founders of Bossy a feminist female forum for women within the arts.
Jonna: I started doing youth theatre when I was 7 and I come from a family of creatives so have always been surrounded by the arts.
Laura: I started getting into theatre when I was also 7 by doing a saturday theatre school and then went on to study at a performing arts school.
What’s your favourite memory of performing / running an event?
Our Faviourite memory of running an event was when we had the Bossy Launch a couple of months ago. It was amazing to see so many people there who were fabulous supporters of the phenomenal women that graced the stage that night.
When did you set up Bossy and why? What’s it all about? 
So Bossy is an initiative to create a space for women in the arts that we set up at the end of July this year. Our dream is for bossy to be a space for all women within film and theatre not just actors. We want directors, sound technicians, lighting technicians and alike to be just as equally involved!! It had been on Jonna’s mind for some time, inspired by an amazing Swedish forum called Streetgäris (which isn’t a specific forum for the arts but just a general space for women to support and learn from each other). However the final drop we think was when both of us found ourselves once again rejected by all drama schools we applied for and “finding professional work” isn’t always the easiest thing to do.
We felt there was so much talent around us, our amazing friends putting on shows and creating their own opportunities yet none of them quite getting the recognition we felt they deserve. We think one thing about this industry is that it’s easy to get caught up in yourself and your own career. Therefore you can start getting jealous or resentful when it seems like others are succeeding and you don’t seem to be moving anywhere. You see a girl get into a drama school that you believed you should be at or you see a girl get cast in your dream role in an amazing play. This is an easy trap to fall into when the aspiring actresses are so many and the good roles are so few. However what we should all realise is that these girls aren’t our enemies. Just because someone else is doing well when you feel like you’re not doesn’t and shouldn’t take away from that girls hard work and our chance to still do good things.
One experience we both had was that we identified as feminists and felt like champions for women’s rights yet we started to feel not 100% happy for other women when they were achieving amazing things. And why is that? Rather than seeing these girls as our sisters paving the way for more interesting roles for women, higher intake of girls at drama schools, more female writers and so on – We were just jealous. And that’s what Bossy is for. Helping each other, supporting each other, realising that the other girls in this industry aren’t your enemies or your competitors, they’re inspiration and also might make it easier for you to be able to find your way and what you want to do. You know, Jennifer Lawrence playing Katniss in the Hunger Games probably makes it more likely that one of us one day will get to play a complex yet badass action heroine. There is just so much talent out there.
So many girls who’re writing, or singing or making costumes but can’t quite get work or opportunities because they just don’t know how. Who to talk to, where to go and sadly enough how to pay for it. Bossy is a way to make this happen. It’s a way to learn from one another and start collaborating. Nothing makes us so happy as to see someone posting on the group and getting a response so collaborations are starting to form. It’s a beautiful thing. And like I think someone said on the group, when women work together anything is possible. And none of this would’ve been possible if it weren’t for our incredible Bossy members. As proud as we are at what the two of us have accomplished so far we really couldn’t have done anything if it weren’t for them. Bossy is it’s members. We think especially in today’s society with a more and more divisive rhetoric and very scary political developments across the globe, the importance of coming together and supporting each other is more important than ever and that is how and why Bossy came about.
Girls across the globe can find Bossy on Facebook. It is a closed group but any girl can join! Alternitively boys and girls can follw us on instagram @bossyforum
Bossy logo at the top of this page was created by Bethan Hoare

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