WMW – Interview with Grrrls With Guitars Magazine

Today I have 2 interviews for you – both about brilliant platforms for women in the arts run by some wonderful and passionate ladies!


I got to talk with Hannah who runs Grrrls With Guitars – an online magazine celebrating women who perform music.Grrrls With Guitars followed carysmegansound on twitter not long ago and of course I had to check it out especially since it coincided with WMW. I asked Hannah a few questions about her magazine for you to read – Celebrate female musicians with us!

“The magazine is meant to inspire and empower women and grrrls to pick up guitars and start screaming and singing. Or drumming haha.”

Why was Grrrls with Guitars set up and who runs it?

I’m Hannah Golightly and I front Hannah Golightly’s Imaginary Band- a riot grrrl two piece based in Chester UK.

Grrrls With Guitars party was a clubnight I promoted in June in Chester UK. As a lifelong feminist and musician, I have a passion for promoting women in the underground punk genre. It sort of grew from out of that ethos. I am also a music journalist and felt the time was right to start my own blog.

Tell me a little bit about the magazine – what message you try to deliver and what you generally post…

The magazine is meant to inspire and empower women and grrrls to pick up guitars and start screaming and singing. Or drumming haha. It’s supposed to entertain as well, so I post reviews and music streams and videos. I felt that there weren’t any female orientated guitar magazines out there that I would personally want to read. The blog has only just begun. I am trying to post daily at the moment. I have a lot of planned articles- like buying guides for female guitarists as our needs and shopping experiences can be quite different to those of men. I also want to cover the fun side of being a musician which is playing dress up. I’ve already done a feature on Globelamp’s makeup.

Do you think women in music aren’t covered enough in the media? Especially underground bands and artists?

I think by their very nature, underground acts are just that: underground. So they don’t get as much coverage. But I would say that sites such as CollapseBoard are very good at covering underground music. Other sites and magazines are perhaps less so. I don’t think this is an especially gendered issue, though I think women across the board could benefit from a leg up in what is generally an Old Boys Club aka the Music Industry. Being a young white male is certainly an advantage, even if there is a lot of competition.

Would you like to give a shout-out to any artists / bands / organisations etc?

I would like to give a shout out to:

  • My favourite band Skating Polly who are amazing. They are a grunge duo originally from Oklahoma, USA, who now live in Washington state. They take it in turns on different songs to either front the band or play drums and they are very inspirational musicians who play the most incredible music.
  • Globelamp for her incredible psych-folk grungy beautiful music and amazing videos- one of which premiered on my site! She has come up against struggles in the industry when she alleged abuse from her ex boyfriend who is in a popular band.
  • London based Riot Grrrl collective SUCK MY LEFT ONE. If I was in London, I would be getting out to their club night.

I’d like to shout out also to the other publications I have written for including Collapse Board, Vulture Hound and God is in the TV Zine– all highly recommended publications. I especially like Collapse Board due to it’s feminism and support for underground women artists and bands.

I would also like to shout out to Womens Aid for the work they do in safeguarding women in situations involving domestic violence, which disproportionately affects females.

**Where to read and keep up to date on Grrrls With Guitars**

Grrrlswithguitars is free to read online HERE  and keep updated on twitter by following @grrrlswithguita !



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