WMW – Interview with Kat Head

I have an Interview for you today with a lovely lady called Kat Head! Kat is one of the kindest, most talented and most genuine people you’ll ever meet if you’re lucky enough to hang out with her / see her perform, and it was an honour getting to interview her. Read more to have a look into the life of Kat Head…

“As long as I’m creating things I’ll be happy!”


Tell us about yourself!

So I’m Kat, I’m a rapper and spoken word artist who also makes noise on other instruments. I’m studying songwriting at BIMM in Brighton at the moment.

When did you start performing and why?

I started when I was very small, the first performance I did when I was 4 in a programme called Dinotopia – my family are all into their theatre so I was able to be exposed to all sorts from a young age.

I was a child actor in adverts and things and also in Harry Potter (people called me Harry Potter girl). I’d always be making up stories and songs for my mates to perform – usually with fairy themes and rhymes!

I went to the Brit School and studied musical theatre, which ironically was where I found my feet with songwriting. Here was where I discovered spoken word and started writing ‘rapologues’ (rap-monologues). I’m now combining my influences in my songwriting.

What have been some of your favourite gigs?

My most memorable gig was a poetry slam – at the roundhouse in Camden. Slams are exhileraring and are quite an intense atmosphere – and when I was perfoming I noticed the audience’s eyes were becoming more focused suddenly. It was a very physical piece and I was using my arms to express what I was saying… what I hadn’t noticed was my top was slowly slipping down until it was totally showing my bra!

But really fun gig I performed at was a poetry collective gig. It was on a rooftop, with an incredibly hungover audience who were still there from the night before’s rave – not exactly in the mood for poetry!

So what’s next for you?

 Short term – I’m working on a music video at the mo, and I’d like to do a spoken word EP as well as keep on doing youth work part time in-between my performing.

Long term – I’d like to create my ‘female rapper superhero’ book idea haha. And keep writing songs for other artists and myself.

As long as I’m creating things I’ll be happy!

Check out one of Kat’s spoken words below, and check her out on Facebook to look out for her performances!



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