WMW – Women in Music…

I asked the ladies I interviewed this week 4 ‘general’ questions about being a woman in the music industry and have collected their answers together for you all to see! We’re nearing the end of Women in Music Week – I have 2 blogs for you this weekend all about charities and organisations who support women in music and who support women at gigs!


Is it common being a woman in the industry you’re in? 

Kat Head – From my experience, it’s not so common in the hip hop industry to see female rappers doing their thing, but over the last two years or so I’ve seen an increase in women getting Involved, which is been really nice to see.I’ve always noticed great female singers killing it with great top lines in live settings, there seems to be more women getting involved overall which is encorugaing.

Bossy Admins – Yes there are a lot of actresses out there, unfortunately the roles don’t always reflect this as the majority of roles are written for men.

Carys Megan Sound – As a studio engineer I do not often see other female engineers or producers. I’m reading a fantastic book called Recording Unhinged at the moment by Sylvia Massy and she’s the only female that I can name in my field. Her book is fantastic too if you’re interested in recording techniques!


Does that impact on you getting work positively or negatively? 

Kat Head – I’d say in terms of getting work it can it can go either way, the majority of promoters are always up for getting a female voice on board, especially in Brighton where I live now, and if they have mainly men in the line up. It can depend where I’m working, sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it hinders or helps, whether I’m being booked for the quality of my work or because I’m a woman, and they might need variety.  having good people around me helps to distinguish this.

Bossy Admins –  Probably both, since the chance of getting cast in something is small when the competition is feirce with lots of women auditioning for the same parts. However with the increase of actresses, directors and female writers this means that more women’s stories are getting told and therefore more female roles which opens up to a positive effect for all actresses.

Carys Megan Sound – I’ve been told before that I’ve been chosen as the engineer because I am pretty relaxed. I guess as a female people presume I have a more ‘caring’ nature, so I’ve been chosen to record people new to a studio environment who might be nervous. It’s a compliment that I make people feel more relaxed and that I’m picked for that reason and I don’t know if it’s because I’m a woman or if it’s just my personality!


Tell me some of your favourite female musicians / performers / bands / songwriters…

Kat Head – My first instinct is to shout kate tempest. she’s doing incredible things, an amazing rapper, such an innovator and always pushing boundaries. I feel as though she speaks a language we’re all familiar with but she sharpens it with a fresh up to date language. Laurie bolger is a wonderful immerging spoken word artist at the moment, she makes you feel really at home in her poetry, which is something I strive to do in mine. Akua naru has a flow that will challenge your ears.

Bossy Admins – We’re both Beyoncé super fans.

Carys Megan Sound – I recently discovered Megan Henwood who was a Feature of the Week this week and I urge you to see her live if you can. She’s a strong female performer with beautiful and clever music. I’m obviously biased towards the females I’ve already mentioned this week – so check all of them out as they’re different styles and are brilliant for different reasons.


Do you want to give a shoutout to any organisations or charities celebrating, working with, or helping out women in music?

Kat Head – They aren’t a charity but Women in Music are a brilliant organisation and continuously provide support to females in the music industry. I saw some of the members deliver a seminar and felt lucky to hear their words of encouragement and know about the opportunities they provide.

Bossy Admins – We’d love to give a shout out to Girls On Film who are an amazing trio who we are collaborating with in the new year. They put on fabulous nights called Women In Revolt showing short films that are made by women, about women with a different theme each night.

Carys Megan Sound – I’d like to mention The White Ribbon Campaign and Safe Gigs for Women who are both active organisations who stage demonstrations at gigs and strive to keep women safe at music festivals. I will be doing a post tomorrow all about this topic!


Tonight (UK time) is the Women In Music event by Billboard – Madonna has been chosen as Woman of the Year!

I included the answers by Hannah in the interview for Grrrls with Guitars magazine so CLICK HERE to read her responses!


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