WMW – Keeping Women Safe in Music

Today I’d like to talk to you about the women in music who go to gigs and festivals – the audience. I have a few charities and organisations to tell you about and how you can get involved!



The White Ribbon Campaign is about helping women who suffer and have suffered abuse, and they have set up a ‘Music Campaign’ to include keeping women safe at music festivals and at gigs – if you look through the Safe Music section of their website you can read all about their ethos. The WRC is run by men for women – the idea being that many believe the solution to ending female violence is having men educated on the subject. This campaign is a step in the right direction.

If you request a pack from them, below I have taken photos of what you are sent – I will be making sure my white ribbon pin badge is worn at every gig I attend from now on!

Artists who have given support for this organisation (by wearing a white ribbon or by other means getting involved) include The Proclaimers, Harry Styles, Ralph McTell, Scroobius Pip and Paul McCartney, and festivals who have so far provided stalls for the WRC are Bestival, BoomTown and Mugstock. If you go to a festival and would like to see some support for the campaign, email the festival about it!

Below is a spoken word performed by Itch (The King Blues) promoting better attitudes towards women, taken from the White Ribbon Campaign’s website.

“Don’t tell a woman what they can and can’t do, when it was a woman that gave life to you”


Safe Gigs For Women (sgfw) Is an organisation created by regular gig goers to promote a safe environment for women at gigs.


The organisation has very active admins as well as an active community which you can join  in with over on their  Facebook Group – just request to join! Similarly to the White Ribbon Campaign, if you email Safe Gigs For Women you can ask for leaflets etc to give out to your local venues, which is possibly the best way to ensure the environment which we all enjoy music concerts is safe!

Follow SGFW on Twitter for regular updates from the organisation!

I’d like to give a shoutout to Frank Turner who supports this organisation and I have witnessed first hand from him his intolerance towards violence especially at gigs. At the Alexandra Palace this year, a small fight broke out between 2 guys and he told one of them to leave, stating something along the lines of “we go to gigs to leave the bulls*t in this world outside for a few hours and you bring it in here?”.


I have never personally been a victim of abuse at a gig and in fact I regularly see men aiding women at venues such as giving them space so they don’t get crushed in a moving crowd, but of course unfortunately not everyone is safe at gigs or festivals, and there needs to be more support for women who are lost, intoxicated or being harassed. If there is a representative of one of these organisations at a gig you’re at, you can feel safe knowing they are there to support you.



One thought on “WMW – Keeping Women Safe in Music

  1. One particularly significant thing about the White Ribbon Campaign is that it is ‘men working to end violence against women’. Too often we hear about men being the problem, and education of men & boys part of the solution. Here it is in practice.


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