Underrated Christmas Songs

This week is Christmas week and today I’ll be talking about some Underrated Christmas Songs!


My original idea was to talk generally about some Christmas songs, but of course every time we walk into a supermarket or turn on the radio in December, we hear the same songs on loop, and people aren’t going to want to hear about the same songs yet again. Supermarket workers have to listen the same 20ish songs for 8+ hour shifts… so this is only going to be about underrated and lesser known Christmas songs, don’t worry!

First up is probably the most-likely known on this list – Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bell’s End) by 2000s rock stars The Darkness. This song has everything you could possibly want in a Christmas song – a fire, presents, mention of bells, and of course electric guitar… watch the video below!


Secondly is a song I’ve still never heard played anywhereMust Be Santa by Bob Dylan. I’m not sure whether most people know it and it’s just unusual that I’ve not ever heard it or whether it’s actually just a much lesser-known-than-it-should-be song!


Next up is one you probably won’t know about – it’s Christmas in LA by Vulfpeck. Vulfpeck are a modern funk band and the vocalist in this song is really similar to a young Michael Jackson. It’s super funky and friendly and a perfect Christmas song!


Finally I have for you a song from one of the most underrated Christmas films…. The Muppets Christmas Carol. The song I’ve chosen is One More Sleep Til Christmas because it’s so wonderfully written – it embodies the innocent excitement of the night before Christmas. I can’t recommend this film enough but definitely have a listen to this song with your family!


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