Relax-a-Week Featured Artists


Feature of the Week will be posted every Monday where a band or artist chosen by myself or someone interviewed will be highlighted to you with a short description and a song of theirs will be added to my Spotify Playlist.

Today I decided to feature some feel-good, chilled-out albums that you can put on while doing anything!

First up is Deep Sleep Music – The Best of Studio Ghibli: Relaxing Piano Covers. If you’ve watched any Studio Ghibli films you’ll know how well the music fits the nature of the movies, and how beautiful they are. Deep Sleep Music takes it that little bit further by arranging the songs to sound like lullabies – perfect for falling asleep to.

Below is the whole CD play through!

Slightly differently next and perfect if you have a little one, Rockabye Baby have many albums to buy and are also on Spotify. They turn popular songs into Lullabies, all the way from Iron Maiden to Adele!

Below is a snippet from their arrangement of Hey Ya by Outkast!

Lastly – I’ve mentioned The Piano Guys during a Christmas post, but they are possibly my ultimate chill-out musicians. Their original music and covers are always etherial. Check out their cover of A Thousand Years below!

And if all else fails in helping you relax, Bob Ross’ painting shows have been added to Netflix!




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