Relax-a-Week, Acoustic Covers



Today for Relax-a-Week, I’ve decided to talk about acoustic covers! Acoustic versions of original songs often incorporate interesting harmonies to fill up the space previously filled with other instruments, making for usually very chilled out pieces of music.

First up is Hey Ya by Outkast, covered by The Blanks. The Blanks are a barbershop quartet group, fronted by the actor who plays Ted in the TV show Scrubs. Ted performs this at The Janitor and Lady’s wedding in the Bahamas in an episode of the show, as well as him and his band singing many other impromptu acappella songs throughout the series.


Quite often bands do acoustic versions of their own songs, and it’s always interesting comparing the acoustic and the ‘original’. Below is the acoustic video for Actors by Don Broco.


Next up is a little different and so 2009, but bear with me. Slipknot as you probably know are most well known for their aggressive music, but I first fell in love with the band back in the day because of Vermillion pt.2, the follow-up to Vermillion pt.1. Pt. 2 is a haunting acoustic version of Pt.1, complete with interesting harmonies, acoustic guitar and strings. I urge you to have a listen below, and to also check out Pt.1 on YouTube as a comparison!


Some have the gift for the gab and they’re most well-known for their gorgeous acoustic covers of popular songs. One such person is Alejandro Manzano of Boyce Avenue – below is the video to his version of A Thousand Years, originally by Christina Perri, an already beautiful song.


If you think of some of your favourite bands, search ‘BAND NAME acoustic cover’ and you’re almost guaranteed at least something will come up!


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