Tuesday Tune – Clever Girl


Every Tuesday I’ll post a song suggestion by me or someone interviewed and that song will be added to my Spotify Playlist .

This week’s Tuesday Tune is Elm by Clever Girl!

Clever Girl are on what I guess you could call an extended hiatus or as their ‘about’ page on Facebook says, “We’d love to get back together but so far we’re too busy making posh coffee, analysing media data, diagnosing patients, blogging from Brussels and other boring shit. At some point hopefully we’ll wake up and realise that we were born to bring twiddly instrumental sax core to the masses. Watch this space.”, they were around in 2009-2010 and split up soon after starting, but have had a boom in followers thanks to the rise of the underground math rock scene in recent years.

In mid-2016 they had a competition for designing some artwork for No Drum and Bass in the Jazz Room  but that was the last we heard from them on Facebook, so who knows when or if they’ll be playing again!

What I do know is their music is great background-chill music, similar to enemies but with added brass instrumentation. Below is their song Elm so have a listen and check out the rest of their music!


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