New Year, New Music – John Mayer


On the first day of 2017, John Mayer announced on social media that he’d be working on a sectional-album, made up of short releases throughout the year…. and Wave One is out now! So I thought I’d give my first impressions on it for you. Mayer released Love on the Weekend, his first single since 2014, on the 17th November last year. I unfortunately couldn’t get into it – I’ve pretty much loved everything John has ever done, but Love on the Weekend went right over my head. I know lots of people did enjoy that single, but because I wasn’t such a fan it left me feeling cold about his next album release… would this be the first album I don’t enjoy of his?


I should say I’m not the greatest fan of Country music. You might be thinking well why do you listen to John Mayer then… like I said I’ve generally loved everything he’s done, except for that one single. Maybe it’s just *too* Country for me, who knows. Whatever the case, Love on the Weekend is track 3 out of 4 on Wave One, and listening to it even in the context of the EP didn’t help my indifference towards it.

However I am really feeling the vibe of this EP, but whatever that vibe is exactly I’m not sure…

Listening to the first track, Moving on and Getting Over gave me a sort of nostalgic feeling because it’s fairly similar to 90s Soul/R&B tracks, especially the use of harmonies over 90% of the lyrics. The thing that makes it clear that it’s a John Mayer song is the underlying ‘lead’ guitar, and the end section of the song where there’s a guitar solo. Moving on and Getting Over is a strange mix of Soul and Country and it definitely works.

The second track, Changing, strangely reminds me of Christmas. The song begins with vocals and soft piano chords, and when John says ‘changing’ all I can picture is East-17 in their Stay Another Day music video. The majority of it really makes me think of the Winter, till the guitar solo which changes the tone and puts me a little on edge in a similar way to the strange sections in Grace by Jeff Buckley – which is really interesting. This track makes me want to pick up the hand of the person next to me and sway along to the music together.

Side Note: Love on the Weekend is next and the penultimate song on this EP. I’ve already spoken about my indifference towards this song but I will add that it reminds me heavily of early Taylor Swift – remember Love Story ?

Finally, the last track on the EP is called You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me, and I adore it, truly. It reminds me of Pixar music like You’ve Got A Friend In Me, and makes me feel hopeful about a next chapter in life. It radiates a positive feeling due to a combination of whistling, soft piano chords, and soft, beautiful vocals. The song doesn’t resolve at the end, which leaves it open to be linked to what will probably be Wave Two! Below are the first few lines of the lyrics:

“A great big bang and dinosaurs, fiery raining meteors, it all ends unfortunately 

But you’re gonna live forever in me, I’ll guarantee, just wait and see” – You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me

My overall feeling of this EP is one of love and togetherness, and I think that’s the general message Mayer is providing. Below is the official audio video for You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me, my favourite track from Wave One.


I’m really excited to see what turn Wave Two takes!


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