New Year New Music – The XX

The XX released new album I See You on 13th January so I thought it was about time I talked about it!


Back in the day I was a die-hard fan of The XX – I have so many fond memories of playing Angels on repeat with a good friend of mine. Their previous albums were like nothing I’d heard before (that whole melancholy genre The XX and Alt-J managed to corner from 2009-2013) and they were all I listened to. Alt-J’s second album This is All Yours (2014) was the end of that era for me – I felt like they’d gone away from the genre I was in love with and I’d lost hope for a new XX album.

Flash forward to now and here we have that long-awaited 3rd album… but it’s not the XX I remember. This isn’t a problem, because it’s a good melancholy dance album if you’re in to that, but I loved the chill music with bags of reverb, big beats and beefy bass.

Oliver Sim’s vocals on I See You almost sound old-school Calvin Harris, and since the beats are more modern club-dance, it adds to the feeling that the album is more in the ‘club’ / ‘dance’ genre, just perhaps more melancholy. In fact, Coexist was even more ‘dance’ than their self titled album still, but definitely firmly belonged in the ‘Indie’ category… and on XFM.

My overall thought is that The XX and Coexist were definitely ‘alternative’ / ‘indie’ albums, but I See You has veered into ‘melancholy dance’ more – that’s how I’d describe it, whether that’s a legitimate genre or not.

I miss the self-titled XX, but every band evolves over-time. Fans just often have to decide whether they’re loyal to the new music or will forever be stuck in the past (like me).

Below is the video for their song On Hold from I See You



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