New Year New Music – Jamie Cullum

Yesterday Jamie Cullum released single ‘Work of Art’, described by himself as being ‘inspired by a mixture of Nina Simone, Gospel Music and Iggy Pop.


Just a short post today and first of all I have to say just how much I love the quirky artwork for this, and it really suits the vibe of the single.

The song for the first half is pretty ‘ordinary’ – a repetitive clapping rhythm and a vocal hook repeating under the main vocals… then comes out of the blue a couple of piano notes and that’s when you remember it’s Jamie Cullum.

The second half of the song is a gradual build-up of repeating hooks on piano, drums and vocals, before ending on a small gospel choir singing ‘live my life like a work of art’.

It’s a great blend between Jamie’s Pop side and his Soul/Jazz side. I wonder if this is the start of a new album for Callum or if it’s just a wonderful one-off single?


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