Sounds of Thailand


The waves splashing, birds chirping, cicadas shrieking….. and The Prodigy?! Today’s post is a fun one all about the strange collection of music I heard while in Thailand. 



Excluding music at the resorts, I heard nothing pre-2010 while out in Thailand. There was just sound constantly in the air because every Tuk Tuk, taxi, club, cocktail shack and restaurant was playing music. It was brilliant. The best thing was there was such a variety of music too!


I loved it since I almost exclusively listen to music pre-2010 anyway! So here’s a list of some of the music I heard, and the videos for you to have a little throwback.


First up, so many Tuk Tuks were playing a strange dance remix of No Good by The Prodigy.


Next, there was a band in a bar called Red Hot at Patong Beach Strip who played some classic post-2000s tracks, such as Only Girl (In The World) by Rihanna.


They also played a song that made the whole bar go wild, and that was Gangnam Style by Psy. Remember that song? How could you forget! Now with nearly 3 BILLION views on YouTube!


In a couple of smaller bars, and I think even at Red Hot, bands were playing Rage Against The Machine would you believe! I’m pretty sure once I heard Killing In The Name Of and once heard Bulls On Parade, so here’s BOP.


This last one is just a bit of guesswork – there were a surprising number of Reggae-themed bars all around the south of Thailand, all of course playing Reggae, and my Reggae knowledge isn’t the best. If it wasn’t Bob Marley, I didn’t recognise the song. But one bar definitely played Three Little Birds.


And to finish this list off, I heard It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy once, which was just excellent.



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