Feature of the Week – Lil Dicky


Feature of the Week is where a band or artist is highlighted to you with a short bio, and a song will be added to the carysmegansound Spotify Playlist.

This week’s feature is rapper Lil Dicky!


Lil Dicky is an easy-to-listen-to Rap artist; his beats are simple yet not at all boring, his flow is smooth and his lyrics are super clever. Dicky knows he doesn’t fit the ‘rap stereotype’ so he uses that as the overall theme of his songs, basically not trying to be something he isn’t.


In his song with Snoop Dogg called Professional Rapper (which is where he is pitching to Snoop his reasoning behind what he raps, what he wants to achieve and where he comes from) he raps ‘Don’t get offended by this, but that’s the market y’all missed / That’s the target I’ll hit / And that’s the heart of my pitch / I wanna do this whole thing different’. This song basically explains his back story so it’s worth listening to!

I bought his album Professional Rapper because I totally appreciate his music and I think you should give it a go too. Just be warned, most songs are NSFW!

Below is the video for Pillow Talking.


Check out his Facebook for more information!


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