Feature of the Week – Kid Cudi


Feature of the Week is where a band or artist is highlighted to you with a short bio, and a song will be added to the carysmegansound Spotify Playlist.

This week’s feature is… Kid Cudi??

If, like me, you’d only heard of Kid Cudi because of the song Day ‘n’ Nite, the 2009 hit single, you might be wondering why he’s this week’s feature.



It’s because of his 2015 album Speeding Bullet 2 Heaven.



I’m a little late, but music doesn’t have to be new to be discovered. I was told about this album because of how unusually different it is for him, as myself and a friend were discussing the hiphop/urban crossover with rock.

Unfortunately because it is unusual, not everyone took to this release, and those who would enjoy it didn’t really pay attention to it, but it deserves a listen.

I’d describe it as being raw, and the music sounds like early 2000s alternative and 2009 Indie, but with the twist of a non-white singer which tends to be more unusual for those genres. You’ll have to listen for yourself to see!

I’d love to chat to Kid Cudi about this release and find out what was behind it, whether this is his *true* style of singer-songwriting and find out who his influences are.




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